Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Street Yoga

I watched a video today of homeless youth who practice yoga and it opened and moved my heart.  I feel so tremendously blessed to have found yoga and to be able to share it with others through teaching.

It's so amazing how moving the body in sync with the breath while focusing the mind on the movement can ease pain, restore a feeling of wholeness, and increase our experience of joy.  And that's just the start.

If you haven't tried yoga yet, please do.  You too will be amazed.

And check out the video at - that your heart may be opened and moved as well!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Art of Pure Food

Yesterday started smoothly with my morning practices and rituals but that would all change when I arrived at The Yoga Institute to teach the wednesday morning 9 am class.  The lock was ajar so my key wouldn't work.  Students began to arrive to find the teacher locked out!  But with some ingenuity and persistence, we got the key to work - late but we were in! So, I taught a 50-55 minute class instead of the usual 75 minute class.  It went well.  I attended Nancy's 10:30 yoga basics class and enjoyed a long savasana - just what I needed after the bumpy start to my class.

After yoga, Nancy and I enjoyed lunch at Houston's only raw/living foods restaurant, Art of Pure Food.  Art of Pure Food serves vegan raw/living food. What is vegan raw/living food?  Vegan raw/living food is fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, & sprouts prepared without heating the food above 108 degrees to preserve the enzymes.   

I had the spinach, arugula, and pear salad to start and the red beet ravioli with "goat cheese".  Of course, since this is a vegan restaurant, it really wasn't goat cheese!

red beet ravioli with "goat cheese"

I ate the salad before it occurred to me to take pictures!  Sorry, I was hungry!

Nancy had the "salmon" pate served on a bed of spinach and the Broccoli and "cheese" cannoli - not really salmon or cheese.  I'm not quite sure why the reference to animal products. It's vegan!

Broccoli and "cheese" cannoli

It was all delicious!  I'm planning a return visit as I write.  The restaurant is currently in a soft opening so I recommend calling before making the trip.  It' s located on Memorial Drive and Tully (outside Beltway 8).

Check it out!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auspicious Times

Fall is a time of transition.  This transition is apparent in the weather in Houston which has been incredibly beautiful, making it easy to receive the days as the perfect gifts they are.  There is also a transition happening at The Woodlands Yoga Studio which is under new ownership.  The new owner is Anusara, i.e. John Friend.  These are exciting times to be a yogi in The Woodlands and the Houston area in general as Anusara assumes the role of offering yoga at the local level.   I’m sure it will be an offering full of Sri and Shakti (beauty and creative power). And I’m excited to be a part of it. Starting October 4th, I will be teaching two classes at  The Woodlands Yoga Studio on Monday mornings- a 9:00 intermediate/advance class and a 10:30 Basics class.  Please join me!
Stay tune for more!

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