Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fish and Possibilities

Certain species of fish grow according to their environment.  Placed in a small tank, these fish remain small.  But when placed in a large tank or natural body of water, they grow to their intended size.  People are similar. When we live in a limited place, physically, mentally, or emotionally, we remain small.  These limitations can be self imposed or externally applied.  They can be tangible or invisible.  But when we live in an open and supportive environment, we can grow to our fullest potential, our intended size.   Yoga invites us to Open to Grace- to Open to All Possibilities that we may recognize our potential and experience and share the fullest expression of ourselves in every moment - to be Fulfilled!
The next time you find yourself living or being smaller than you know you are or if you are not sure how big you can be - Soften and bring your awareness to your breath, without strain or over effort, take a deep and full breath in, use your breath to create an inner spaciousness, lift, and fullness, maintain this space on your exhalation and repeat. Now Grow into that space, into more of your potential, into more of who you are intended to be.

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